Brand Story

With a growing reputation for auto air-conditioning items now nearing par with the great company behind it for all the same great reasons, ACTECMAX symbolizes top-flight convenience, reliability, service, and overall value. Nothing behind ACTECMAX is by accident, but rather a deliberate outgrowth of the personal habits, hiring practices, and management techniques of the executive leadership behind the scenes. Those who know ACTECMAX have come to expect guarantees honored, questions answered, and problems solved.

By providing “one-stop” supply for practically any auto AC part, testing device or tool you may need and giving you great support before, during and after sales, ACTECMAX makes your purchasing easy. That great help includes knowledge of your language, market, and business culture. For a decade we have been selling throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia and our staff therefore speak not only English and Mandarin but Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Japanese.

ACTECMAX offers that huge selection, though, without being a “jack-of-all-trades” so to speak. Our extensive technical knowledge, including independent research & development and strict quality control, provides you precise resolution to specific concerns. We know what component you should use and when, and how it should be installed. What’s more, “we” means our entire supply chain. Inside and out, forward and back, we take great care with the selection and fostering of all partners. That way, our collective know-how, discipline and ethic extend from the factory floor, to our valued distribution and after-sales service partners around the globe, all the way through to end-users.

Whether you’re a wholesale distributor, repair shop, or retail consumer we welcome you to experience ACTECMAX. We don’t just aim, we hit the target for MAX TEChnology, actually applied in the field. Discover for yourself that these bold claims are in fact merely quiet confidence, expressed with measured optimism, behind a friendly smile. These are the values the ACTECMAX name has come to represent in the minds and hearts of clients the world over, and you’re sure to agree once we’re given the chance to prove ourselves yet again. Welcome!